Scammed by a fake wealth advisor, a couple loses all their savings

The story is sparkling and it is told to us by this couple who testifies in the new program M6, Arnaques, broadcast for the first time this Saturday, May 28 at 21:10. Presented by Julien Courbet, he deciphers the “most formidable scams, those that turn life into a nightmare and sometimes they are very expensive”. Expert advice should also allow you to protect yourself from this. The case of this couple is dramatic. For the first time, he testified about the savings account scam of which he was the victim. It all started about fifteen years ago, relay Normandy. The husband suffers a serious road accident, loses an arm and remains in a coma for a month, but recovers.

After which he received a compensation of 900,000 euros because he was the victim of the accident. The couple from La Manche are buying a house, but they want to put the money they have left to work. He then searches the internet and finds a wealth manager who promises him an unbeatable 8% return. For this, the man and the woman only have to invest 200,000 euros. With 16,000 euros of interest per year, the promise is great. On the M6, the couple tells how they fell into the trap. Scammers have been “on the lookout” for months calling them, asking for family news, etc. For an expert interviewed in Arnaques, it is nothing more and nothing less than “calinotherapy”, that is to say to put people in confidence.


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585,000 euros gone

In reality, all this has only one purpose: to appease the victims. “They are very well organized and enter the privacy of people, they want birthdays. In reality, it’s just wind.” This is what happens to this Manchois couple. Put them in confidence, they will pay new sums over the months: 200,000 euros, then 50,000 euros, or even 30,000 euros, he explains. The couple doesn’t realize anything until the day they want their car fixed. In need of money, he calls the famous wealth manager, but, to his surprise, no one answers. “We have not found anyone. The number was no longer assigned, the site was blocked and the email address cannot be found,” concedes the father of the family.

They then realize that they have been victims of a vast scam. In total, they lost 585,000 euros in the case. No wonder, for a police officer, who talks about a very “frequent” scam. He talks about organized gangs, data centers and fraudsters who “send emails and phone all day”. For another interviewed expert, you must be very careful before embarking on this type of project: “Zero risk does not exist”, he says, before adding: “Your book is at 0.5%… so 8 % against 0.5%: you really have to ask yourself the question. This can only be a scam.” The devastated couple now lives only on the husband’s disability pension of 1,300 euros per month. If he is “ashamed” of being robbed, legal action is was launched. But the hope that he will find his funds is slim.


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