Secure your professional future through training

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The secret to a bright professional future is definitely training. Indeed, it allows you to acquire knowledge and know-how that are necessary for evolution in the professional world. For a successful career, there are currently many training courses, but you still have to know how to choose well. Immediately, you are told about the importance of training for the professional future.

The importance of training

In France, all workers have the right to training. The training search is for job seekers, self-employed, employees and business leaders. It allows access to employment, to develop skills, to stay in employment, to specialize, to obtain certification, to evolve in the career, to embark on professional requalification or to change business. To train, you acquire knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills, essential elements for the exercise of an activity or a job. But training is not only important for employees, it is also important for companies. By collaborating with competent employees who are experts in their field, they can meet social and economic challenges. It is therefore a major lever of competitiveness for them.

The different types of training

  • Initial training: Includes apprenticeship, vocational education and higher education. It concerns students and young workers. It prepares them to enter the professional world. The initial training ends with obtaining a certification: CAP (Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle), BEP (Brevet d’Etudes Professionnels), BAC PRO, etc.
  • The training continues: Allows jobseekers and employees (adults or young people) to have new skills during their working life for the return or maintenance of employment and also to secure and optimize career paths through various mechanisms.

The arrival of distance learning

With the arrival of new technologies, especially the Internet and new means of communication, the universe of training has changed. Thus, it is now possible to train remotely, regardless of the sector of activity. Moreover, this practice develops very well. Most training organizations offer distance learning so that they can adapt to the needs and availability of students. You should know that for people who are already in business, following face-to-face training is not always possible. Online training is more interesting for them. They train to acquire new skills without jeopardizing their job and salary.

The right choice of training

When choosing a course, different criteria must be taken into account, and this varies from one profile to another. Above all, the choice is based on needs. It is recommended to do a skills assessment before choosing. Therefore, we take stock of careers and professional and educational paths. It should not be forgotten that when hiring, companies consider skills. Then, you have to choose the establishment that provides the training you want to follow. We have enough information to have all the necessary information (size, quality of teaching, validity of diplomas, certifications, etc.). So, we need to focus on the price and the educational objectives.

Training funding

professional future and training
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Vocational training is paid, and it is still an obstacle for people who want to participate and who really need it. But luckily, the State provides financial assistance through the CPF (Compte Personnel de Formation). The training is free if the chosen training organization is approved and the training is eligible for the CPF. This concerns all employees, they have rights in euros every month. The purpose of this aid is to allow everyone to progress in professional life and to secure the course.

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