study in the United States with PIE CAMPUS, a post-baccalaureate program with financial aid this year!

Specialist of language journey of long life for high school and high school students for over 40 yearsPIE announces today the new formula of its PIE CAMPUS program 2022-2023, with particularly favorable financial conditions this yearto which students can registration until November 30 for a departure in the first half of 2023.

The orientation fair not to be missed!

Thinking of studying abroad or taking internationally oriented courses? We give you an appointment on THE Studyrama Virtual fair for international training to find the right training for your project!
You will meet experts, professionals and young graduates to discuss the preparation of your studies abroad or even receive advice on the administrative part of your project (visa, scholarships, accommodation…). It is also a unique opportunity to learn more about the study system in other countries through e-conferences.

40 partner universities, open to all bachelors

Open to all European students aged 17 to 28holders of the baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma at the time of departure, this program, unique in France, allows you to follow a university course from one to four years (or even a single semester as part of Parcoursup), in one of the i 40 partner universities benefit of substantial financial aid that drastically reduces the cost of studies in UNITED STATES.

It is particularly suitable for all those who want it earn an American graduate degree (Bachelor / Master1), or simply take advantage of a gap year for acquire an excellent level of English. It is also possible, depending on your level of studies, to integrate the American university system in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th year (or even in MBA), to obtain the equivalent of a European Master 2. To leave, the the level of school English is sufficient because the PIE campus includes the possibility of a one semester refresher on campus.

Financial and technical assistance

With the scholarship that PIE guarantees to its participants, represent a
reduction of 40 to 55% in the cost of studiesa PIE Campus student can therefore consider living and studying in the United States from $13,000 per year (tuition, housing and meals included), and this, throughout the course he chose. In addition to financial aid, you also benefit from PIE’s support for the preparatory phase (information, interview, file placement), logistical and administrative follow-up (university search, registration, visa, etc.) , and a serious frame; partner universities are selected for the quality of their teaching and their infrastructures.

PIE has already enabled more than 10,000 young French people to study abroad. “The health crisis has not reduced the quota, on the contrary. With the end of Brexit and the consequences on the Erasmus program in England, many students who wanted to study abroad returned to America. The American system is unique in that it leaves a total flexibility to students regarding the choice of their main field of study and other subjects, and to change during the course if they have made a mistake. The diversity of the offer is unique and the gateway between domains they are numerous; a significant asset, besides the particularly attractive financial aspect of the PIE CAMPUS program.“, explains Maya Noble – Ludwiczak, General Delegate of PIE.

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