Tesla ready to review its business strategy in China

(AOF) – According to information from Reuters, the American manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla (-0.13% to 302.20 dollars in pre-market trading) is considering the review of its business strategy in China. The time of concessions in the big commercial centers of mega-cities like Beijing seems to have passed. The group instead studies the less expensive places in the suburbs, showing that the distribution raises questions in its value chain.

Needham also raised his recommendation to “hold” versus “underperform” the automaker’s title. The stock is up 0.6% ahead of the market.

Tesla is not alone in questioning the relevance of its distribution model. A week ago, General Motos told Reuters that in order to regain the ground lost by its brands – Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet – on local Chinese manufacturers such as Xpeng, Nio and BYD, it planned to review its distribution by favoring a new direct selling platform called. “Durant Guild,” after General Motors founder William Durant. GM is considering organizing events (by invitation only) to present potential products, as well as opening “experience centers” in major urban centers across the country.


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