The Amex GBT tool allows the exchange of issued train tickets

CSR resolutions over the shoulder; Companies are encouraging their employees to take the rail instead of the air. From social unrest to staff shortages or, for more distant journeys, new health restrictions, the reliability of flight schedules is put to the test (a recent study carried out by Egencia among business travelers in France, the United Kingdom and the United States, reveals that 73% of their recent trips have been disrupted). It is undoubtedly on the strength of these two observations that GBT has led two of the latest developments of its NEO platform.

As for the train, Neo has developed a function that allows you to exchange or cancel a trip even when the ticket has been issued.

As for the Proactive Traveler Care (PTC) solution, it aims to mitigate the vagaries of air travel. This travel assistant sends alternative flight advice to travelers who have experienced disruptions. Travelers can also get in touch with travel advisors using WhatsApp in addition to the Amex GBT mobile app or SMS channels.

Specifically, the PTC constantly monitors the movements of travelers and contacts them as soon as a trip is delayed or canceled with an electronic messaging system. Thus, travelers can receive advice on alternative flights on all GBT partner airlines.

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