The Collectivity of Corsica joins the CROUS of Corsica to support island students

Antonia Luciani, Executive Councilor in charge of Culture, Heritage, Education and Training was present for the inauguration of a new Wifi portal in the Crous de Corse. He took advantage of this moment to present the new aid measures to student life in the presence of Marc Paul Luciani, Director of the CROUS of Corsica, Tuesday, September 13, 2022, at 10:30 a.m. at the Mariani de Corti University Restaurant.

In addition to the aid scheme for success, student life, professional training and apprenticeships and the numerous actions carried out for young people in the fight against precariousness, this year, a new measure is added to the existing actions.

In order to best respond to the different situations of many island students and to lighten the financial burden that catering costs can represent, the Community of Corsica wanted to put in place within the framework of measure 22 “Help with catering and compensation more dependent on”. Full coverage of the “RU” ticket for scholarship students, but also for non-scholarship students.

The total amount of the participation of the Community of Corsica is therefore €215,000.

The Community of Corsica is currently the only one that offers free meals to all students on a university campus.

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