The commercial attitude of some alternative medicine champions and antivax speeches

Smoky promises healing for cold hard cash. At the heart of a controversy in August after promoting techniques of “derived baths” consists of rubbing the sex of children with cold water, the French figure of naturopathy, Irène Grosjean, was enchanted on Facebook with a “A real opportunity to make the benefits of benefits available to as many people as possible” of these practices. The nonagenarian offers online courses at a price of 110 euros.

Since the Covid-19 crisis, anti-science, anti-vax, conspiracy and other new age narratives have never seemed to fit so well with commercial acuity. “There is often a commercial side that goes hand in hand with fringe beliefs, observes Romy Sauvayre, sociologist of beliefs at the CNRS. Currently, lithotherapy [une pseudoscience qui consiste à guérir par les pierres] it is so popular that many websites sell fake healing stones. When you deeply adhere to a belief, you may be ready to spend a fortune. »

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In this disparate galaxy, which ranges from the front of the opponents of the health policy to the promoters of alternative methods of care, the mixing of genres is common.

A naturopath apprentice, convinced that conventional medicine is corrupted by Big Pharma (the concentration of the pharmaceutical sector), thus assumes with the world you want to choose their job title based on the most popular queries on Google. He is leaning for the moment for “health educator”. At the risk of being exposed to the offense of the illegal practice of medicine, if he ventures to formulate diagnoses and treatments.

Patients with serious diseases targeted

Health educator, is under this term, or that of “normal doctor”, presented by one of the pillars of the RéinfoCovid anti-vax collective, Jérémie Mercier, reported by the order of doctors to the general direction of health. Do not hesitate to call the breast cancer screening a“useless” and its promotion of“scam”. In addition to his very critical speeches on the pharmaceutical industry, he offers online training combining webinars, self-published books and cooking recipes between 100 and 300 euros.

This disciple of the very controversial Christian Tal Schaller, a former doctor converted to alternative conspiracy theories – and also promoter of the benefits of urine consumption, “the most extraordinary of natural remedies” -, said to address “motivated people who want to maintain or regain good health”.

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