The Court strengthens its partnership with the French Evaluation Society

The Court of Auditors has signed an agreement with the French Evaluation Society (SFE), aimed at strengthening the evaluation of public policies in financial jurisdictions.

The development of the evaluation of public policies is one of the major orientations of the strategic plan for financial jurisdictions “JF2025”. Since the constitutional reform of 2008, the Court of Auditors has this competence, and the regional chambers of auditors have just been granted it by the law called “3DS”.

The exercise of this competence presupposes a high level of expertise, which is based both on enhanced internal capabilities and on partnerships with recognized players in the sector. The Court has thus convinced with public research bodies (CNRS, university via University of France) and with laboratories specialized in evaluation. Doctors will soon be able to be welcomed to the Court and in the chambers of regional accounts (CRC) due to the new experimental doctor contracts called COFRA (training agreements through research in administration).
The Court also wanted to strengthen its already long collaboration with the French Evaluation Society (SFE), an important forum for reflection and discussion on the evaluation of public policies.

The first president of the Court of Auditors, Pierre Moscovici, thus signed an agreement with Isabelle Duchefdelaville, president of the SFE, in December 2021. He emphasizes that “The evaluation of public policies constitutes a powerful lever for the quality of the action public and democratic vitality. It deserves that the different actors working in this field join their efforts in favor of a shared culture of evaluation. The SFE, which brings together communities, researchers and public and private evaluators, rejoices for this agreement, the recognition of the action that it has been carrying out for more than 20 years in favor of the development of evaluation”.
This agreement will make it possible to strengthen the participation of the Court in the events organized by the SFE, in particular the National Days of Valuations, and to organize a specialized training for the members of the financial jurisdictions that participate in the evaluation.
For Pierre Moscovici, “the Court, as the Constitution invites it to do, is destined to become the major player in the evaluation of public, economic, social and environmental policies in France. The chambers of regional and territorial accounts have to contribute to this. »

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