The first training in the world to become a Chief Value Officer

A clear message: “Our accounting system is blind” proclaimed Corinne Lepage, former Minister of the Environment, on February 7, 2019 at the National Assembly during the symposium “Accounting at the service of the environmental and social transition” . To return the sight to the financial and RSI managers of our companies, the new training provided by the business school audience offers to learn to count differently to change the world through finance.

Chief Value Officer: a new job with impact

In March 2021, the SFRD regulation (Sustainable Finance Reporting Directive) entered into force as part of the action plan for the growth of sustainable finance. It oversees the integration of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria by financial market players.

From 2024, most companies will be required to publish ESG indicators in its annual report, in accordance with the new European directive adopted in 2021: u Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Thus, organizations should include in their model the engagement and management of social and environmental risks, such as carbon footprint measurement and emission reduction plans, internal social action or even the ethics of governance.

These new European regulatory measures regarding non-financial reporting and accounting will only reinforce an already widespread trend. Many companies have already integrated this good practice that becomes essential and to want to train their teams for this new profession that combines finance, CSR, accounting and management control: the Chief Value Officer.

Theorized in the book “The Chief Value Officer: Accountants can save the planet” by Mervyn King, this includes counting carbon emissions differently to put them into place sustainable business models. Beyond the pecuniary value, there are other externalities, such as natural and human capital, which will be considered as pecuniary capital. him Chief Value Officer will therefore be the Tomorrow’s CFOas a forward strategist: beyond the publication of accounts and the management of financial processes, it is all business value creation which he must direct, both internally and externally.

The first training in the world dedicated to this profession

If there is a plethora of training courses to become a financial director and even more to train in CSR issues, that ofaudience to become Chief Value Officer it is unique in the world. It allows the training of financial experts sustainable strategic development. By linking these issues with performance measurement, they can become the architects of change in their organizations.

To learn to count differently, students are, for example, trained in different counting methods. multi-capital accounting (also called triple accounting), to the evolution of the European and global green taxonomy, but above all to understand and integrate the planetary limits and the objectives of sustainable development in the development of business models.

A transversal approach with an international dimension

With marketing, logistics or even eco-design modules, the approach is multidisciplinary to enable the development of models that respect planetary boundaries and the social justice : a speaker from the High Commissioner for Refugees will explain, for example, how to measure poverty in the world and the possible action of companies integrating a social policy that respects all its stakeholders, while another focuses on how change works and how organizations. they may measure their carbon emissions differently.

In addition, the course, 100% English, aims to return tointernationalwith the intervention of experts from the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada and even Costa Rica.

The transition at the heart of Audencia’s DNA

Beyond the content of the program, the pedagogy will be participatory and experiential. The learning methods are intended to be oriented towards practical application and the development of skills through ite-learningcase studies, role-playing or even simulations.

This educational innovation it is naturally led by a school that puts transition at the heart of its DNA: the business school audience. Among its strong commitments, the integration of CSR objectives in each of its courses since 2010 thanks to a partnership with WWF or even the implementation of a sustainable development component in all its training courses by the year 2025, a project carried out hand in hand with The Shift project.

To integrate the next session of theExecutive Master Chief Executive Officer which will start in November 2022, it is possible to apply directly here.

In partnership with Audencia.

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