The Minister of State received the graduates of the Monegasque Professional Certification

Since the creation of this system in 2014, 825 professionals have been certified.

This Tuesday, September 13, the Minister of State, Pierre Dartout, welcomed in his Residence the graduates of the 2021 and 2022 promotions of the Monegasque Professional Certification, established by the AMAF (Monegasque Association of Financial Activities).

The Minister of State was accompanied by Christophe Robino, Councilor of the Government-Minister of Social Affairs and Health, Brigitte Boccone-Pages, Vice-President of the National Council, Etienne Franzi, President of AMAF, and many other personalities of the Principality.

This Professional Certification entered into force in 2014. It is a mandatory system, intended for all employees who are in contact with customers or markets (ie managers, salespeople, financial analysts and trading room operators). The aim is to enhance the level of competence of the banking or financial establishment teams. Since its inception, 825 Monaco professionals have been certified, with an annual success rate of over 82%.

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The Minister of State delivered a speech in which he wished to congratulate the AMAF for its action in the regulation, organization and promotion of the banking and financial sector of the Principality, particularly in the context of the fight against money laundering, terrorism and corruption, regarding the leading role it plays in the search for excellence and professionalism in this sector.

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