The Parti Québécois will launch the major food independence project

Parti Québécois candidate in Lotbinière-Frontenac, Louise Marchand, is happy to share her political party’s vision of agriculture.

“The more we are in control of agricultural production at home, the better equipped we will be against what happens in the rest of the world, and the more we can control prices and costs of products. For the good of our producers and of all Quebecers, we must act seriously and seek to achieve real food independence,” he said.

First, agricultural land must be better protected against developers and other foreign or financial interests. “We are committed to amending the Law respecting the protection of agricultural land and agricultural activities to stop dezoning as much as possible. Since land grabbing is a very real problem, the area that a non- farmer can hold will also be regulated by law, and severe penalties will be imposed on speculators who do not exploit the land. On the other hand, there will be incentives for all those who undertake to cultivate lands that are fallow “, Mrs. Marchand explained.

The Parti Québécois also intends to resolutely support businesses so that they are less vulnerable to the vagaries of the economy. “The state has a role to play. Under our government, 70% of the food served in schools, hospitals, cafeterias of the ministry and all other public institutions comes from Quebec. This is our goal, and it is stop, without making any joke,” laughed the candidate.

He also indicated that his political party will rely heavily on automation and new technologies, which can certainly lighten the already heavy task of producers, in addition to an in-depth review of risk management programs for adapt them to the current reality of businesses in the agricultural sector.

“Being a farmer, being a producer, taking over a business, it’s expensive. In the last ten years, the values ​​of the land have more than tripled. And, yes, a combination is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So we will be a loan long-term for the purchase of agricultural assets, at a fixed and low rate. In addition, we support the transfer of farms to the next generation by granting tax incentives to sellers, where applicable. We will also adapt financial assistance programs for the installation of young people in agriculture, and we will be attentive to the needs of new farmers, who often prefer smaller volumes”, added Louise Marchand.

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