The secret of his success

You started in the financial services industry by pure chance…

After my studies, I opened a business. One afternoon, a customer came in and we started chatting. The conversation turned to his career – he was Thierry Jabbour, one of the country’s leading investment advisers. It was the spark. I obtained the qualification of Securities Dealer Representative and Investment Adviser, after starting at Manulife Securities, and Thierry was my mentor during my first year. He gave me the right recipe to achieve unequivocal added value for our customers. We serve wealthy clients whose goals are, first, to protect their capital, and second, to ensure that their money works as hard for them as they work for their money.

You have a fast growing, Diligence Wealth Management group with Manulife Securities now manages $4.5 billion. How did you manage to convince your clients to invest with you?

At the beginning, the meetings took place with my mentor Thierry, who helped me a lot in terms of credibility. At 25, I decided to strike out on my own at our branch in Montreal’s West Island. We have a clear process here, tools, software, and also great attention to detail to popularize and demonstrate very clearly the advantages of doing business with us. Young age is no longer a factor when the added value is obvious and you are well surrounded. This is what allowed me to become a senior investment advisor so quickly.

Just three years later, you have already qualified for the Manulife Securities Circle of Excellence and the President’s Circle. How to explainyou this dazzling success?

Motivation and ambition. I always wanted to stand out and make an impact. I also have a natural talent for popularizing, making myself understood, communicating. And of course, hard work. There is no magic, it takes work, consistency and even more work!

Today, mentoring junior advisors is essential for you. For what ?

Because I was lucky enough to benefit from a mentor myself. I wouldn’t be here today if I hadn’t met Thierry. Also, I want to promote the investment advisory profession. Most people have the image of a bank advisor, paid a salary to sell homemade products. With us, it’s the opposite. We are independent advisors, we build our own clientele and we are not limited in our product offering. Our job is to find the best on the market for the specific needs of each client.

What are your plans for the next few years?

Of all the branches of Manulife Securities in the country, Diligence Wealth Management is the largest. It was founded 20 years ago by Camille Estephan. Inspired by the phenomenal growth it is experiencing, I launched a branch in Quebec in partnership with Camille and Thierry, in January 2021. Our clientele is everywhere in the province, since we were already working virtually. We wanted a presence in the National Capital to recruit people who adhere to our vision. Our goal is to open six offices across Canada.

What are the advantages of doing business with you?

Our holistic approach. Our philosophy is that each of our clients should have a comprehensive retirement plan. A few years ago, this service was offered mainly to the richest. But all our clients, whether they have $100,000 or $50 million, receive the same comprehensive, objective and conflict-free service. We also favor transparency, especially regarding management fees and all aspects of their finances. We want to generate alpha, this is our commitment, but what matters most to us is to accompany our customers to their destination. That they achieve their goals with peace of mind and that they always feel accompanied by a guide, a true partner.

What advantages are theredid youDoes he work in your team?

The main thing is mentoring. Elsewhere, beginners are often asked to provide a list of knowledge to approach them. With us, it is not recommended to do so.

Instead, we teach our advisors how to build a practice with a real long-term business plan based on a large enough added value to be able to gain the trust of clients. Our results speak for themselves; when the training and coaching is solid, the career is built on solid foundations and success is almost guaranteed.

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