the sisters opened a second restaurant

A few days before the opening of the second restaurant, preparations are in full swing, Anita, Luisa and “the whole family” are working tirelessly so that the restaurant located at 3 rue Noël Courvoisier is ready for next Tuesday.

Everything is in the house: even the decoration!

At “Bella Vita” all the products are fresh: the pasta is homemade, kneaded by hand, and above all it benefits from Italian know-how. For the renovation work undertaken last February, the two sisters did not ask companies but “the family”, explains Anita Cossu. All the work was carried out by them, the bar was also designed by their father Franco. The decoration and even the artificial vegetable roof were carried out by the whole team, Anita Cossu wants to emphasize that “everyone raised their hands for the opening of the restaurant”.

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“They don’t count their hours”

The success of the restaurant-pizzeria comes from the authenticity of the establishment, the quality of the products, but above all from the team that is actually “a real family”, says Anita Cossu with pride, before adding “everything is dedicated. and dedicates a lot of time to the restaurant, they don’t count their hours”.

The two sisters from Sardinia work in the family and especially “among the girls”, points out Anita Cossu, in fact, of the ten employees, there are only two men. Anita and Luisa are proud of the success of their “feminine spirit”.

The news

The second restaurant has an interior room unlike the first, with about thirty seats. It will be possible to taste the dishes of the “Bella Vita” to take via the Uber Eats application. And the menu will expand with dishes such as fried squid, fried meat and fish meatballs, or “Tagliata” slices of beef accompanied by rocket, tomatoes, fries and salads. Last August, the two sisters won for the second time the European “Excelenze Italiane” prize, a prize that rewards their Italian know-how.

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