The Solidarity Honorary Loan, the push for entrepreneurship

Posted on July 26, 2022 at 6:41 pm

A zero interest loan up to 8,000 euros

The Honorary Loan of Solidarity (PH Solidaire), one of the three Honorary Loans operated by Bpifrance for support networks, is designed to offer every project leader the possibility of creating their own business, even without capital. Its purpose is to fight against any form of determinism, social, family or territorial, giving you the impetus that will allow you to start, whatever your situation and your weaknesses. It is therefore intended for recipients of social benefits, job seekers, people from a sensitive area, a rural revitalization area or a society in safety, but also for young people under 25 years of age (up to to 29 years with disabilities). For an amount between 1,000 and 8,000 euros, it strengthens the assets of the creator or the buyer and takes advantage of the bank loan (of an amount at least equal and of an equivalent repayment period, between 1 and 5 years). The terms of the grant are very advantageous, since this zero-rate loan without application fees is granted to the person, therefore without guarantee on his goods or the assets of his company.
The only condition: be supported by one of the three major national support networks that issue the loan, Adie, France-Active, and Initiative France, which are very regionally established. Founded in 1985, Initiative France brings together 207 local associations (and 770 reception locations), everywhere in metropolitan France and overseas. “They are all unique because they are linked and resonate with the needs of their territory, but they exercise a common mission which is financing and supporting the creation and recovery of businesses,” explains Patricia Lexcellent, General Delegate of Initiative France .

Patricia Lexcellent, General Delegate of the France Initiative.

More than financial support

From the emergence of the idea to the three years of the company, the network helps to finalize the project, to finance it at the time of launch or acquisition (in 30% of cases), and to perpetuate it. “Being supported in the creation, having a well-defined financing plan from the beginning, a project insured by experts, which makes all the difference. As proof, we have a sustainability rate of 90% at three years. However, seven out of ten project leaders have not always sought support in France. And this is even more true regarding those who are destined for the Solidarity Honorary Loan: “Unlike our traditional public, they do not come to us spontaneously. We therefore strengthened our national communication, transmitted to the place, especially on social networks, the only medium really able to reach the young generation. And in the territories, the Initiative France associations mobilize and work with actors in the field such as the Local Missions, very present in the neighborhoods, sports associations, or locally established networks such as Les Déterminés. Honorary Solidarity Loans represent 10% of our financing activity, but they are absolute key to this goal,” emphasizes Patricia Lexcellent.
Initiative France issues around 3,700 PH Solidaires per year, alone or combined with a Loan of Honor Initiative, the “in-house product”. Since we support many young people under the age of thirty, we strongly recommend them as part of our enhanced support program In’cube.” And now, until the end of the year, every young person under the age of thirty who joining this program will receive a bonus of 3,000 euros in the form of a subsidy.

The PH Solidaire is released by Bpifrance once the financing plan has been finalized with the details of the funds distributed according to the actors (the part of the PH Solidaire, that of the honorary loan of the Initiative, that of the loan banking), and part of the PH Solidaire. project validated by the approval committee. “Obtaining an Honor Loan of Solidarity allows you to complete the round table, to facilitate an approval decision and behind the obtaining of the bank loan. Our endorsement gives credibility to the project, especially that the bankers they are members of our approval committees, alongside the heads of companies, lawyers, aggregated accountants… These are people who are familiar with business activity but also the economic fabric of the territory, because a project will not have the same chances of success depending on its location.”
Initiative France is a very generalist network, the PH Solidaires that provides therefore covers all types of activities, in particular service companies, hotels, cafes and restaurants, beauty salons, graphic design agencies, landscaping or transport… projects, that enliven local life, because our mission is not only to be at the service of entrepreneurs but also of communities, to help them revitalize their territory. »

Why not you?

To learn more about business creation and find the network that can support you according to your needs, visit the Bpifrance Création site.
You will also find the entire program of entrepreneurship for all, the program that supports the entrepreneurial energy of the neighborhoods on the site.

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