The SOS of SOS Friendship Marseille

[au fait] Grants, donations, commitment, goodwill: the team of volunteers at SOS Amitié Marseille really needs help.

This worthy team of volunteers has been pulling the devil by the tail for several months. ” Our financial situation is catastrophic, laments Jeanne Sialelli, one of the pillars of the association. We receive too few subsidies from public authorities and local authorities; yet we multiply the questions “. The headache comes in particular from the fact that SOS Amitié is a national platform that redistributes calls in all its antennas. However, some want to direct the public benefit. But impossible here to know if it is a Marseillais in anguish that is at the end of the line.” In other cities or departments, however, this is not a problem. Until the places that are often available from a municipality or a hospital “, emphasizes the volunteer.

So much so that to finance the next training session, a boules competition is organized. It is Sunday September 25 at the Club de la Vieille Chapelle. Registration by email:; 5 euros per player. Information on the dedicated Facebook page.

♦ To make a donation to SOS Amitié Marseille, it’s here and it’s easy!

Staffing is another issue. ” We are 23 years old, but the team is getting older. And the Covid and after the war in Ukraine increased the calls by 30%. Many young people are in bad shape, talking about suicide… In 2021, 6,470 calls were made to the Marseille office.

Finally, it should be noted that on November 17, on the occasion of the National Day of Listening, a conference “Time of crisis, time of listening” will be held at the library of the Alcazar, with the sociologist Dan Ferrand -Bechmann, author of several books on volunteering. Details to come in Marcelle’s diary. ♦

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