The University of French Guiana is on the right track: a Hcérès evaluation report confirms it

On September 12, the University of Guyana is back to school. The University of Guyana was created in 2014. It is the youngest French university establishment. The institution was evaluated by a committee of experts chaired by the Superior Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education. The findings are encouraging for such a young establishment.

Unique French university on the South American continentthe University of Guyana since its creation in 2014, it is an experimental facility. These disrespectful operating methods will stop in 2024 with the end of the experimentation period.

This report from Hcéres, (The Superior Council for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education) was highly anticipated. This assessment brings together the results a committee of experts chaired by Emmanuel Tric, university professor at the Université Côte d’Azur. Hcéres is the independent public authority in charge of evaluating all higher education and research facilities.

In 2014, year the split of the University of the West Indies and Guyana, it was about founding an establishment in Guyana offers advanced training adapted to the specificities of the territory. Goals achieved according to this study: the establishment was able to build a solid base in the process of development and stabilization. The committee of experts notes that the university faces a double challenge: offer basic training and professional training and build a specific and credible scientific signature.

The university campus in Troubiran


The report praises the quality education and scientific research. The partnerships forged with organizations based in Guyana bear fruit: Amazonian biodiversity and resource development; global health/tropical health; innovative technologies (space, renewable energies); migrations, interculturality and social cohesion. In addition, the external analysis of scientific policy was entrusted a committee of external experts. Result: a clear and objective view of the sectors. On the other hand, experts advise “to simplify the governing bodies (…) to create a real research department and, in international matters, to amplify and diversify its policy of welcoming scientists”.

university of Guyana

Ceregmia: favorable arbitration for the University of Guyana

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In terms of training, the University sets itself the goal to develop a local offer, adapted to socio-economic demand. She “show the will” to professionalize training and develop work-study programs and apprenticeships in initial training and continuing training.

The University must strengthen the support services for the training strategy: from orientation actions with high school students to monitoring the future of students through educational engineering, teaching evaluation and feedback.

The expert committee also considereda government, organization and management of the establishment. The institution should assume better everything management, forecasting and control functions that are those of a fully mature university. The organization is too complex.

Antoine Primerose

Antoine Primerose President UG

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The report starts from a diagnosis that we established and that was developed by the evaluation group. The University emanates a strong dynamism from the staff and our partners. We have the strong support of the supervisory authority and the conclusions of the report encourage us to go further. We think we have a fair vision adapted to the realities of Guyana regarding the establishment of the sectors. Admittedly, management and organization are complex. It is linked to the history of the University where we wanted to put in place a transparent and collegial management of the decision. A system that can sometimes lack fluidity.

Antoine Primerose President of the University of Guyana

Finally, experts recommend that the University to take the time…The tools to be strengthened are measured in terms of strategy and specific choices: research and training, financial and organizational sustainability and multi-year visibility. The University of Guyana is only 8 years old. The 2022-2023 school year is a new stage.

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