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Do you find that your Kiri has shrunk or your margarine tub has filled up? It’s not an illusion though shrinkflation or redeflation in French, a trick used by producers that consists of reducing the size of a product “instead of increasing the price of the kilo blindly”, points out Camille Dorioz, head of campaigns at Foodwatch. This is also what the organization calls for “hidden inflation”.

“In the house of writelet’s go to the small part from 20 grams to 18 grams. We had a price increase of 11%, which we saw at Auchan for example, “explains the head of campaigns of Foodwatch in Here we are!. There are also the chocolates of the Pyrenees Lindt“there are six chocolates missing from the package out of the 30, which means we have less 20% chocolate and the price year by year had taken 30%”.

The brand of Saint Louis sugar is not to be out: the product was passed from “750 grams to 650 grams with a 30% increase in the price per kilo”. Ditto for the brand’s grenadine syrup weaving : “We have the same bottle, the same height of syrup, it’s just that we have less (…) we have lost 20% of grenadine and we have taken 37% of the price per kilo”, announced Camille Dorioz.

It is a “totally legal” practice.

“I want to think that shrinkflation is as old as marketing and supermarkets, which has always been there,” admits Camille Dorioz in Here we are!. “But in fact, what we want to warn Foodwatch is that in this period of galloping inflation, the risk of this type of phenomenon is great. And suddenly, we want to warn consumers so that they are “vigilant” on the shelves and help us to put pressure on producers to force them to report when they make these format changes,” he adds.

“We are not here to say that this format change should not be done, which can be well justified. The question is why the brands do it without warning the consumer. If the brands are able today. to have a good justification, I think the consumer is ready to understand and listen, and suddenly, it’s enough to see it”, analyzes the director of the Foodwatch campaign.

And this practice is “completely legal”, the only thing that brands risk is the “anger of consumers”, concludes Camille Dorioz.

How to avoid this shrinkflation?

As a consumer, we are somewhat powerless in the face of this hidden inflation, because it is not possible to know by heart all the prices per kilo of the products we buy, nor their exact weight. You can’t compare your Kiri box, for example, from one year to another, because you throw it away when it’s finished.

“Then he you have to pay attention to the price per kilo (…) And then, we see that we have to really engage with associations like Foodwatch to weigh in, to twist the arms of producers, to force this transparency”, he concludes.

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