Thierry Hargous mixes elegance with finesse in his Xotila “spreads”.

In Basque, Xotila means refined, subtle. ” The beginning of Xotila had begun and the first recipes were developed at the technical platform of the Errecart vocational school in Saint Palais, with which we worked on the rigorous development of kitchen scales, the preservation of textures and of course the fact of preserve the taste. of the products used. »

The “spreadables” are made in an artisan workshop in Ayherre in the Basque Country. The tasting recommendations are mainly focused on the aperitif toasts” on multiple supports: different breads, taloas, crackers or blinis. “To give you some ideas, Thierry distills some tasting tips for the Basque ketchup he can make” a good connection for the preparation of a steak tartare for example. There are spices, acidity and the taste even of the piquillos of Lodosa in Navarre. As for Baskamole, the Basque counterpart of Guacamole, which ” accompanied by smoked sardine fillets. » Do not hesitate to access the site’s blog (see the end of the article) to discover the different combinations or recipes proposed by Thierry Hargous.

An expanding range

If today Xotila offers 7 spreads, Thierry is constantly cooking to find new mixes and has already announced a new one in the range. ” Now I am working on a new “spreadable” around mushrooms and sheep’s cheese. As with previous creations, test, taste and repeat to improve, always with the valuable help of chef Christophe Le Borgne. We should be ready for the launch I want next month! »

The Basque Country is full of local products. And Xotila makes it a point of honor to work with producers attached to their land and especially concerned to bring the fruit of the work developed with passion. This is how Thierry Hargous draws from the gastronomic heritage of the Basque Country: ” I also have a heart to promote the terroir of the French Basque Country but also Spanish around the quality products of the various local producers: Prosciutto di Bayonne Maison Montauzer, Chorizo ​​​​from the Ferme des Acacias in Urt, Pepe d’ Bio espelette, black garlic. from Lilibeltz, Eztigar cider but also white asparagus IGP Navarra or Sel d’Anana in the Basque province of Alava. »

And to get these famous “spreadables”, there is of course the online store but also ” the shops of quality producers in the Basque Country, the delicatessens who really have this love for quality products and who adhere to the approach, boutique hotels, friendly wineries that also have a tasting activity, food traders and tourist institutions which promotes our local products. »

A little aperitif before sitting down to eat?

Sebastien Soumagnas

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