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While the galloping inflation has resulted in a fall in the price of cryptocurrency, many specialists paradoxically consider that the time is excellent to invest.

Laurent Pignot, analyst of Zonebourse, explains in particular that it is “always interesting to enter a bitcoin that has lost 70% rather than a bitcoin that is at 69,000 dollars in full euphoria. Historically, it is better to buy panic rather than zones of bullish euphoria.” But, in practice, when we look for an investment for our savings or when we want to diversify our portfolio of assets, we are always torn between: – The frustration of missing an investment opportunity, especially given the multitude of options available;

-The constant fear of losing the money invested after a bear market. Result: we don’t dare to start, we are discouraged, and we never know what is the right decision to make. Hence the interest of the innovation of Marseille CryptoSimple: this “new generation” digital financial advice that is simple, reliable, safe and approved by the financial authority, which democratizes access to crypto investments.
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