Toothpastes: here are the best references according to 60 million consumers

Since the dawn of time, brushing your teeth has always been debated. Here are the top 3 most effective products on the shelves!

The art or way to do your brushing every day

As this video shows, brushing your teeth can’t be improvised! To keep things running smoothly, rubber experts recommend the use of suitable equipment. No, it is not asking that you have to remove the tartar alone or whiten it in record time. Although many tutorials exist on the Web, you should be wary of them like the plague. In fact, after every sugary meal, cavities appear. To reduce the risk, nothing beats a good toothpaste. In any case, in the rays, it is almost mission impossible to find there without leaving feathers. Fragrance, ingredients, teams of 60 million consumers did the work for you. I object it tells you everything!

A destructive investigation

After seeing the composition of the pipes, the association sounds the alarm. Like many food products, there are too many toxic things. The height of horror, your health can also pay a heavy price. Admit that it would be a shame to get sick from an excess of this hygiene product! Also, to brush, we should not put one astronomical amount. We promise, our breath will not vary if we dose intelligently. Teens and adults should use it “horn” as a single reference. As for children, the pea it’s more than enough!

To brush, bring back all the votes!

(c) Crossroads

Fortunately, some manufacturers have listened to the advice of dentists. That is why the private label Soft Bio manages to stand out. To find it, go to Crossroads. Phew, change all these stories of memories haunting our minds. In these times of inflation, is your goal to put butter in your spinach? Don’t panic, all you need is one two euro coin and you’re done. Unable to harm a fly, we do not hesitate to stock up before the shortage! Thanks to the label
Cosmos Organic (Ecocert), wins all the votes of the skeptics. How far the scandal of endocrine disruptors seems. Phew the honor is sure!

If you have fragile teeth, we recommend choosing a suitable brushing product. Again, our friends from 60 million consumers lighten our burden. Against all odds, their preference is for special sensitive teeth d‘Egidio. Sold a little more expensive, repair damage. If you don’t have the time or budget, no doubt will become your best ally.

Finally, because children also have the right to counsel, I object it gets your attention this children’s bifluoride gel. Yes, there is also for children. However, between three and six years, this reference seems the most suitable in the market. Its leitmotif is to protect the child’s teeth from falling out too quickly or from inconveniences of this type. I hope it lasts! Now unemployed, touch only behaves…

Thanks to the whole team of 60 million consumers

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