Training cycle in corporate accounting and financial management

Training organization qualified by Qualiopi, the Chamber of Associations offers you a training cycle to strengthen your accounting knowledge and improve the financial management of your association.

Here is the schedule and titles of the 7 training courses offered in 2022:
– Year-end accounting records and entries (01/28/22)
– Know how to read your budget (03/25/22)
– Understand the basics of dedicated funds (05/20/22)
– Discover analytical management (06/24/22)
– Follow your budget (09/23/22)
– Complete the financial elements of a grant application (10/28/22)
– Know depreciation and provisions (11/25/22)
The courses are organized remotely, on Friday mornings, from 9 am to 12:30 pm.
Check out the detailed program of “accounting management Friday”:

The organizer is: Chamber of Associations

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