Training in associative management is possible with the CFGA

Established by decree of October 2008 by the ministry in charge of the association, the association management training certificate is issued to people who have undergone training for the exercise of voluntary responsibility in the management of a association

If the training is aimed primarily at volunteers who want to get involved in associational life, members and experienced employees looking for skills and knowledge on the operation of an association can also enroll. Applicants must only be members of a declared association and at least 16 years old on the first day of training.
The appendix to the ordinance of December 15, 2008 taken for the application of decree 2008-1013 of October 1, 2008 regarding the training certificate for the management of the association (CFGA) specify the reference system of the training. Specifically: a first theoretical part of at least 30 hours and a practical internship of at least 20 days – that is, 120 hours, in an association chosen by the trainee. The training must be provided by an organization authorized by the State and controlled by an educational manager of the same organization. To find out which organization has been awarded the label in each region, contact the referent of the regional academic delegation for youth, commitment and sport (Drajes, ex-DRJSCS). More information on the site

Authorization, instructions for use

The request for authorization from the management training organization of the association must be made two months before the start of the theoretical training. A prior declaration dossier must be sent to the prefect of the region where the training organization has its headquarters, and must contain the following elements: name and address of the organization, name of the director of education, list of the training courses carried out since. over two years, training methods (number of sessions, duration, location, dates, etc.) and content (teaching material and methods). The administration has two months to give its decision. After this period, his silence is worth the authorization. The authorization is valid for one year. When it comes to a[…]

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