Training in first aid measures and financial aid for mobility for 150 young people from Cher

Prepare your driver’s license while training in first aid actions. This is the objective of the Mobility and rescue system put in place by the Departmental Council since 2018 at the initiative of the senator and departmental councilor of the canton of Dun-sur-Auron, Marie-Pierre Richer. “We wanted to help young people achieve their autonomy and therefore their mobility, to promote their entry into the world of work in the best possible conditions”, explains Marie-Pierre Richer.

Facilitating the passing of the road code is one of the first objectives of this system and strengthening the civic spirit by allowing them to participate in training on first aid actions thanks to the collaboration of the departmental union of sapeurs- dear On Monday, the Context Council graduated 150 young people registered in this system. They were 209 last year, 93 in 2020 (Covid year), 201 in 2019 and 137 in 2018.

Two hours of training

The departmental aid for the driving license consists of giving many young people a check of 150 euros to allow them to finance part of the road code in exchange for their participation in a two-hour training course with firefighters on first aid management.

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To qualify for this device, candidates must fulfill several conditions: be between 15 and 18 years old; be domiciled in the department of Cher; must be enrolled in a driving school in the department; and undertakes to follow the initiation to the saving gestures given by the firefighters.

A win-win system for young people and for firefighters, as Colonel Michel Soudis explains: “Through this training in first aid gestures, in addition to the fact that it is often useful to know the right behaviors when we are in the presence of wounded, it is also important for us to open our work environment and perhaps to encourage future vocations for these young people”.

Almost 80% of our interventions are personal relief.

Firefighters hope that these first steps in first aid actions will lead to additional commitment through the volunteer firefighter box. “Almost 80% of our interventions are not in front of the fire but in the rescue of people”, points out Colonel Michel Soudis.

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And in order to make the different barracks where the firefighters work even better known, these first aid training courses take place in Bourges, at the Danjons barracks, but also in a relocated way in barracks such as Dun- sur-Auron. Culan, Savigny-en-Sancerre or Aubigny-sur-Nère.

“We wanted to facilitate access to this Mobility and Rescue system,” adds Marie-Pierre Richer. Access that now requires a simple registration through a single address and a simplified form.” On the site

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