Unemployment – €1,000 bonus for certain long-term jobs

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An exceptional aid of €1,000 is paid to long-term job candidates who train in a company for a job that is hired (nursing assistants, hospitality, construction). Half of the bonus will be paid at the beginning of the training, the balance will be paid at the end of the training. A decree published in Official Journal of October 30, 2021 defines the terms and conditions for the allocation of this exceptional financial assistance.

The purpose of this exceptional help from €1,000 is to encourage long-term jobseekers to train for the professions they are recruiting for and to reduce recruitment pressures in some sectors. Long-term unemployment affects almost 3 million job seekers, according to the latest Dares indicators

€1,000 bonus: for which job seekers?

To take advantage of this bonus €1,000long-term job seekers who are actively looking for a job and who have not performed any professional activity for at least 12 months in the last 15 months must start between 1.er November 2021 and December 31, 2022:

  • the training necessary to acquire the necessary skills to hold a job corresponding to an offer presented by a company to Pôle Emploi;
  • operational preparation for individual work. It allows you to adapt your skills and prepare to take a position in a company.

Job seekers must have a job offer from the training company.

Payment of exceptional aid

This help from €1,000 is paid by Pôle emploi to job seekers who meet the conditions.

A first payment of €500 it will be carried out no later than one month after the job seeker begins training. The balance of €500 will be paid at the end of the training.

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