Updated statistical information

Algeria, whose last population census dates from 2008, refreshes its statistical information and announces a major action to update its socio-economic indicators. In fact, the government announces the 6th general population and housing census Rgph, which provides a rich database and socio-economic indicators to help decision-making, especially economic, and which allows a better management of the growing needs of the population, and an improvement of the population. public service.

This mega operation for which the State is mobilizing great resources will last from September 9 to October 25, the period that sees the collection of elements that serve as bases on the ground. It involves more than 53,000 enumerators and 8,000 supervisors. This is what emerged from the last government meeting, during which the Minister of Digitization and Statistics, Hocine Cherhabil, announced the final preparations that precede the launch of this census, described as “the only structuring statistical operation carried out in a comprehensive manner”. After this presentation, the Prime Minister, Aimene Benabderrahmane, recalled “the need to make citizens adhere to this important operation that will allow the planning of the actions of the State, according to the demographic distribution of the population on the one hand and the country building. the necessary backup infrastructure, on the other hand.”

In addition and while he was the host of a press conference, Cherhabil said that “the 6 Rgph has an extremely important national, international and strategic character, in the sense that its results allow Algeria to put highlighting the efforts made and the practical results of the reforms initiated by the State, especially in the framework of the execution of its international commitments, such as the objectives of sustainable development (SDG-2030)”. Cherhabil also assured that such an operation “will have a positive impact on the image of our country, particularly in terms of international classification and classification.” And to specify that the use of data from the next Rgph “will allow to more effectively implement public policies and promote their monitoring and evaluation at the national and local level, providing accurate and up-to-date information in the domains. economic and social”. Charhabil reports the use, for the first time since independence, of modern technological means in such a vast operation, through the use of more than 57,000 smart tablets equipped with 4G SIM cards, with the assistance of qualified agents trained for this purpose; this is, he says, “a qualitative leap in the history of the census in Algeria”. Thus, the value of the financial envelope attributed to these tablets amounts to one billion DA and to this is added a financial envelope dedicated by the State, of five billion DA for the realization of this 6th census, of which the results will be revealed in the . three months after the end of the operation. We bet that the latter will certainly participate in the effectiveness of social spending that the State generously grants to the population and update the state of local finances and many other macroeconomic indicators.

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