Useful savings: bets on made in France!

from Lara Rinaldi

Organic supplements designed in Toulon, natural cleaning products made in Gironde, baby clothes from Marseille… These are some examples of 100% French companies that need your money. The companies are still young, which often rely on the local circuit and short. To find funds, they appeal to individuals who want to bet on the made in France.

Created in 2013, the participatory investment platform Tudigo has positioned itself in this promising niche: “The initial objective was for people to participate in the development of businesses and enterprises in their region,” he explains Alexandre Laing, one of the co-founders. At its beginning, Tudigo offers classic crowdfunding, in the form of a donation with consideration (free products, a visit to the factory), but also the purchase of shares. There are no more donations now: the site exclusively offers the possibility to invest in shares – you buy shares of the company hoping for a capital gain on resale – or in bonds – you lend money to the company that pays you back with interest.

Specifically, when you register, an advisor will evaluate your profile: how much do you want to invest, what return do you expect, what risks are you ready to take? It then offers you projects that suit you, with all the details of the company: business plan, financial data, investment conditions, etc. It’s up to you to choose if you prefer electric cars, underwear or more simply a company near you.

“The minimum participation is 1000 euros, specifies Alexandre Laing, but you can invest much more. On average, our investors put 8000 euros. For a short-term investment without surprises, bonds are preferred. For a long-term profit and better – but still higher risk – go for stocks.You can also mix the two: savers often go for a portfolio that includes several companies.

Made in France seems to motivate savers since Tudigo has attracted 20,000 investors who have financed a hundred companies. “People want to make sense of their investments, in any case not to go against their values, observes Alexandre Laing. Although the search for performance remains of course essential, the value box is marked more and more often. The Covid crisis has raised awareness: the environment, sustainability, the local have become big concerns.”

As for the banks, some products are also intended for French companies: launched in 2014, the PEA-PME allows, for example, to finance companies with less than 5,000 employees and to benefit from the tax exemption after 5 years. In 2021 and 2022, Bpifrance also offered individuals the opportunity to invest in a mutual fund (FCPR) made up of 126 funds financing 1,500 French companies: both times, everything was sold in a few weeks , proof of the enthusiasm of investors for the blue white red. A third appeal to savers could be made next year.

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