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Officials from the Ministry of Employment and Vocational Training were in Vélingara for a forum on educational orientation and
professional The groups of women who travel the most exposed the limits of their entrepreneurial initiatives.

by Abdoulaye KAMARA (Correspondent) – The National Professional Guidance Service (Snop) held a forum, last Wednesday, on educational and professional guidance for young graduates, carriers of entrepreneurial initiatives and young men and women in business. The Vocational Training Financing Fund (3Fpt), the Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship for Women and Youth (Der/fj), the Departmental Service for Community Development, the Departmental Office participated very actively in this meeting . of Senegal Services (Pôle Emploi). If the young students did not crash on the esplanade of the Service Pôle Emploi, of course because of the “navétanes” and the rain, the women of the women’s groups made the trip en masse. Aïssatou Seck Diouf, psychologist-counselor of Snop, says: “We took this collective information initiative to offer young people the opportunity to express themselves, to ask questions about the offers of professional training and their orientation after the baccalaureate It encourages young people to go to professional training and also to other choices of orientation and recovery.
No matter, the women display the products of their food processing, poultry, sewing, market garden and dyeing units. They listened to presentations on funding and training opportunities, as well as courses and eligibility criteria. On the stalls, the packaging and its labeling had the gift of exposing the shortcomings of the finished products of the women of Fouladou. Opportunity taken by Banda Wara Diop, coordinator of the south pole of 3Fpt, to justify the celebration of this meeting. He informed: “In the packaging, we clearly detected some problems related to the packaging, related to the labeling, to the conservation techniques. This is where the 3Fpt is now expected to support these women entrepreneurs to develop their activities and the economic and social fabric.
Ms. Oumy Sène Thiam, director of the Professional Training Center (Cfp) of Vélingara, noted, in turn, other training needs of women’s groups. She said: “Training in financial education is necessary to facilitate the mobilization of own resources to finance their activity and, then, the State could intervene to help develop projects and skills. And then, the groups need training in entrepreneurship: how to set up, how to form a project idea and how to write a project. Marketing is very important in terms of product presentation and labeling.”
The Gpfs members who made the trip complained about the high number of funding requests that remained unanswered, both to develop their projects and to start a new entrepreneurial initiative.
The technical coordinator of the Pôle emploi de Vélingara, Souleymane Barry, invited the young people of the locality to approach the Pôle emploi, which takes many initiatives for their employability. “We have started training in road safety, the Highway Code and car driving for 141 young people and we have registered more than 500 job applications,” he said.

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