VIDEO. In the shoes of Maoni, a student at STAPS, forced to be careful with the minimum euro she spends



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Maoni is 21 years old and a STAPS student in Bordeaux. Recently, the young woman decided to change course and had to triple her L2. Since then, he has lost his scholarship status and no longer receives financial aid. For Brut, she agreed to show her daily life and the difficulties she faces.

There are times when I say to myself: either I eat my dinner, or I go out drinking with my friends. Because I don’t feel like social distancing. I take things into account, I say to myself: “This afternoon I ate well, so I will be able to keep up and be able to go out with friends.”‘”. Get by without receiving any financial assistance? That’s what Maoni, a 21-year-old student, is trying to do. And as she waits to start her civic service in a month, the young woman is forced to tighten her belt…

As a student, Maoni has been forced to pay attention to every expense since she lost her scholarship status. She currently lives in a 16m2 apartment, and is obliged to do her shopping in a social shop. “It is a shop, in fact, where the prices are 10% off the market. So we go to make a shopping basket in a supermarket, it will cost 50 €, and here, it will cost 7-8 €. Or else it will go to food banks“, explains the young woman. For her school year in STAPS, she has to buy a lot of equipment that can sometimes cost her dearly.”Sports equipment will cost between €200 and €300 depending on the sport you practice. So it is cost prohibitive. Especially since I have a budget of €100 for the whole year.”

To limit his expenses, Maoni tries to find alternatives like the second hand. “I buy a lot second hand, whether it’s in thrift stores or on Vinted and everything… And I try to buy sports equipment from former students. We try to get the contacts of the seniors.“Soon she is expected to start civic service which will allow her to earn enough money to support herself.

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