We explain to you how to discover the good moves of the last day at a fair-expo, with that of Clermont-Ferrand

On the last day of the fair, many exhibitors prefer to offer colossal discounts rather than having to dismantle their stand and put their display products back in stock. Result: “couples” up to 50% of the list price. Here’s what a good shot hunter needs to know.

1. How it works

The market of what will not be repackaged traditionally begins the evening of the last night at the Foire expo in Clermont-Cournon. And he may end up on some very good shots on Sunday.

You have to be ready to take what comes your way. And in the state. But the one that says Fair-expo does not necessarily mean bad condition: the models are often ordered only for the fair and are not displayed in the stores.

On the other hand, we do not have a precise idea of ​​the shape or color: what is sold are the unsold items on display, and sometimes the stand elements.

2. There is competition in the niche.

Please note that the trick is not a state secret. A whole clientele is on the niche, and this from the opening of the Fair-expo.

Friday morning, some exhibitors explained that any unsold items were already reserved. “People know that all our models are of good quality, so most of our stoves are already taken. We will have sold almost all the show models at the end of the fair,” explains Nicolas Blanchard, marketer at Brisach.fair expo various stands on September 14, 2022 photo francis campagnoni

3. Areas of activity to snoop around

The principle to be applied is that of the least inconvenience for the exhibitors. Interior specialists and kitchen designers, in short, those who set up furnished spaces, are generally good customers for good moves.

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“All the ‘exhibitions’ are in play for the last weekend,” admits Alexandre, Cuisine Plus sales representative. Furniture, appliances, worktops… The kitchen designer will sell all or part of his concepts at 50%. At this price, it is also supplied, even recalibrated and assembled.

Also to be taken: living room set or large furniture, as long as you know how to negotiate. At Global or Calia, manufacturer of modular leather sofas, we admit to being “much more generous on our last day discounts”. We can expect from 25% to 50% on some models.

For a great start. No ! It is neither for sale nor to test, the SSV, for side by side vehicle. This fun buggy is an attraction in Hall 2; like the stand where all kinds of objects are for sale with the image of the cathedral of Clermont in the desert. Two people from Auvergne decided to try the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles adventure on this strange machine. Anne Jaffro-Coulon and Lydie Wagner gathered the Les Roses team in the demonstration for the next edition. To finance their challenge, they offer t-shirts, mugs and other goodies, as well as a raffle, whose draw is scheduled this Sunday at the fair.

We always fly on the bed. “On the last day, we allow customers to take advantage of the best possible prices on the models on display. Séverine, manager of the store La Maison de la Liter (Aubière), explains that the discounts can go up to 50% “on models that were only exhibited at the fair.” The little extra of the last day, these are also pillows or exhibition linen offered to those who change the bed.

4. Thinking about the most unlikely.

When it comes to bargains, they are not the only objects. The stands themselves are sometimes in trouble.

Outside, the SARL Castor bois offers, for example, its garden shed and a large model pergola at an affordable price. Among the veranda exhibitors, those delimiting the stand areas are often for sale at the end of the fair. You can buy, shipped, at 20, 30% and even (rare) 50% of the list price.

I also found at 50% in an exhibitor of terraces and balconies: a huge wooden deck chair that has already been on display for several years.

We can also try to negotiate degraded models of curtains or doors.

5. Little luck here.

On the other hand, there is no need to canvas the artisans. The fair is for them a place to highlight and sign contracts, with the same margins and proposals throughout the fair. “We make quotes as accurately as possible; if we sell at the end of the fair, it would not be serious” explains a roofer.

The same bad choice for catering businesses: either they are fresh and calculate correctly, or they are repackaged.

For bicycles, cars, spas and pools, it is the lack of products on the market that destroys the hope of good deals.

This weekend. Two meetings are planned. This Saturday, at 5 pm, free festive show with Le Collectif métissé. Sunday, at 3 pm, Tre Café Gourmet show. Et always the exhibition of Lisbon and leisure sports and for children in the outdoor square. Opening from 10 am on September 17; Restaurant area until midnight (last access at 10 pm).

Nine days of fun and Portuguese atmosphere

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