What is the return to work training allowance (Aref)?

Aref: scope

The Aref (aid to return to training employment) is a financial aid paid to people who follow a training validated by Pôle emploi. This aid paid during training benefits people who meet the following conditions:

The following training should aim to bring the candidate’s skills up to standard or train them for a new profession whose openings offer the possibility of easily entering the labor market.

To note: people who do not receive or no longer receive the ARE at the time of the beginning of the training can still apply for the Remuneration of Pôle Emploi Training (RFPE). This financial aid allows you to finance the training for a maximum of 3 years.

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Request the Aref

Once the job search project has been defined with Pôle emploi, the job seeker can ask his adviser to accompany him to benefit from the Aref. If the training is part of a personalized plan of access to employment, a financing schedule is drawn up with the Pôle emploi council before starting the training.

A certificate of registration of the internship is given to the beneficiary, which must be completed by the chosen training organization and then returned to Pôle emploi. A certificate of entry into the internship is then given to the job seeker. This certificate is given to the training organization on the first day of training. After completing this certificate, the training organization returns this form to Pôle emploi.

To receive the allowance each month, the job seeker must update each month like any traditional job seeker.

Aref quantity

The amount of Aref, also called ARE Training, is equal to the gross amount of ARE collected the day before starting the training.

To note: Aref is exempt from the general social contribution (CSG) and the contribution to the repayment of the social debt (CRDS). Only a contribution of 3% for the financing of the additional pension is deducted from the amount of the Aref.

The net amount of the Aref cannot be less than 21.78 euros per day in 2022.

This allowance is taxable and must therefore be indicated in the beneficiary’s income tax return.

Payment of the Aref

The Aref is paid, like the ARE, every month in arrears, that is to say the payment of the Aref for a given month is made the following month.

Example: the payment of the June Aref is made at the beginning of July.

The duration of the AREF payment cannot exceed the duration of the remaining rights in the ARE:

  • If the duration of the training is less than the remaining rights to the ARE, the Aref is then paid for the entire training. At the end of the training, the payment of the ARE resumes.
  • If the duration of the training is greater than the remaining rights to the ARE, the Aref is paid until the rights to the ARE have been exhausted. For the end of training, the remuneration of the end of training can, under conditions, resume. If the conditions to benefit from the remuneration at the end of training are not met, the job seeker can continue his training until its end, maintaining the status of professional training trainee without remuneration.

To note: the Aref can be combined with the RSA under the same conditions as the ARE.

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