What is this new condition to benefit from 2023?

Granted by the National Housing Agency (Anah), MaPrimeRénov’ help it is accessible to all owners, regardless of their income, as well as owners and condominiums who want to carry out energy renovation work in their home.

From 2023, its allocation will be conditional on the mandatory support of a professional. This will be responsible for helping individuals with their energy renovation project. The procedures for the installation of this system, called “My renewal guide”, are specified in decree n° 2022-1035 of July 23, 2022in application of climate law and resilience.

This support is in fact already in place since 1er January 2022, but it is not yet mandatory to benefit from the aid.

The use of a “trusted third party”

MaPrimeRénov’s energy renewal aid is gradually conditioned to the use of a trusted third party, guide My Rénov. This is a professional who can be a project management assistant or an operator approved by the State or appointed by a local authority.

Its mission: assist individuals in their project of energy renovation work (visit, diagnosis, advice for suitable work, advice for the selection of companies and the choice of quotas, mobilization of financing, etc.) .

The support must include three stages: an assessment of the condition of the housing and the situation of the family, an energy audit (or the use of an existing energy audit) and the preparation and support for the realization of the project.

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Mandatory for energy efficient or complete renovations

Calling this professional will be mandatory next year for high performance or complete energy renovations.

This will concern the work to improve the general energy performance of the house, benefit MaPrimeRénov ‘Assistance Serenitywhose grant request is presented by 1er January 2023 and the cost of the works of more than €5,000 taxes included.

Intended for the 5.5 million owners with a modest and very modest income, this aid finances global renovations that allow energy savings of more than 35%.

From 1er September 2023, the work of two or more gestures (the list of which is detailed in decree n° 2020-26 of January 14, 2020) whose cost exceeds €5,000 including taxes and which are the subject of a MaPrimeRénov request ‘for more than €10,000 must be supervised by a Rénov guide’.

Other works concerned: those that will be the subject of separate aid requests that exceed these thresholds and that will be within a period of three years from the first aid request made.

Free or paid support

The website Service-public.fr points out that this system can be free if the local authorities have established a dedicated funding for this support.

If this is not the case, Anah will co-finance the support with a lump sum of up to €875, depending on the work project and the family’s resources. You will find information about your eligibility on the platform France Renov’.

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