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To compensate for the lack of candidates for bilingual teaching competitions and to support students who wish to access teaching professions in the Breton language, the Region created in 2009 a financial aid of €4,000 for the Master’s year 1 MEEF (Teaching, Teaching and Training Professions) bislingua.

Frank Bettermin

If you plan to teach in the public or private bilingual sector, or associative immersion (Diwan), in primary or secondary school, the Region can help you during your first year of the MEEF Master.

Help under conditions

To benefit from this financial support of €4,000, you must be a student in one of these organizations:

  • Kelenn Training Center for First Grade Diwan;
  • ISFEC (institute of higher Catholic education) for the first Catholic diploma under a bilingual contract;
  • o INSPE (National Superior Institute of Professorship and Teaching) for the first bilingual public degree and also for the 2nd bilingual degree (all sectors).

The beneficiary must also undertake to complete the training in which he is enrolled, to follow a week of training in Breton diving, to take the competition in which he is enrolled (a second time in case of failure) and to teach for five years in a French-Breton bilingual class.

A selection board

The candidates are chosen by a jury made up of representatives of the Region, the Academy, the Public Office of the Breton Language and the aforementioned university institutes. The next juries will be held in Rennes or by videoconference (at the choice of the candidates), the July 7 and August 26 later

Auditions will be held in Breton and the interview focuses in particular on motivations and language, written and oral skills.

For more information and to inquire: bretagne.bzh/aides/fiches/copie-de-langue-bretonne-skoazell/

Attention! The deadline for the submission of Skoazell aid requests is June 12, 2022 for the July jury and the August 14, 2022 for the August jury.

For more information, you can contact the Service des Langues de Bretagne:

desk-skoazell@bretagne.bzh – 02 99 27 43 65

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