Witness the husband of the British who died after eating “vegan” wrap.

Allergic to cow’s milk, Celia Marsh died in 2017 in the United Kingdom after eating a wrap marked “vegan” but containing traces of dairy products of animal origin. An inquest was held in Bristol to determine the cause of his death.

Celia Marsh felt in a strange state after eating the wrap she had just bought from a Pret A Manger store in Bath, southwest England, on December 27, 2017. Minutes later, this 42-year-old woman years has collapsed. She was pronounced dead two hours later.

Five years later, the statement in which her husband told investigators about the day he lost his wife was read at a hearing that began on Tuesday in Bristol, reports the guardian

“He always checked every label”

It was during a shopping trip with her husband and three of her five children that Celia bought a wrap from Prêt A Manger. Allergic to cow’s milk, this dental nurse was very careful not to consume it. And for good reason, seven months earlier, he had had an allergic reaction that could have been fatal. He then needed 15 adrenaline injections.

“Celia was watching her food allergies closely,” said Andy Marsh. “He always checked every label before eating and always asked about the ingredients.”

“If she wasn’t sure about the label or the answers given to her, she wouldn’t eat the food because she didn’t want to take risks,” her husband assured her.

When he started feeling sick after his meal, he didn’t think the packaging could be the cause. In fact, the label indicated that the preparation was vegan, that is to say without any product derived from animals. “Then he realized something was wrong,” said Andy Marsh. Indeed, the product contains traces of cow’s milk, it specifies The independent.

A dose of adrenaline

Struggling to breathe, Celia pulled out her asthma inhaler, which she has used several times, and injected herself with a shot of adrenaline. Andy then called an ambulance, which transferred Celia to a hospital. “They took Celia, but I had my kids with me, so I couldn’t get in the ambulance with her,” he told investigators.

“I was in shock, so it took me a while to be able to drive to the hospital.”

Upon arrival, the nurse told Andy that his wife had died.

The charge against Pret A Manger was dropped

Pano Christou, CEO of Pret A Manger, attended the first day of the hearing in person. While the company was initially accused of food safety failures, the charges were dropped due to lack of evidence.

It is the CoYo company, which produces the yogurt made from coconut milk that was used in the wrap, and its British distributor, Planet Coconut that are now in question.

The hearing will last between two and three weeks, he says The independent. It must allow to determine the causes of death of Celia Marsh.

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