“You have to hang”

After an uncertain summer related to the situation of the club, the coach of the women’s team of Bordeaux, who goes to Dijon on Saturday during the 2nd day, talks about the reconstruction of his group.

Launched last week on the return from the first international break of the season, the D1 Arkema continues this weekend with the 2nd day. At the inauguration, on Friday at 18.30, the Ile-de-France derby and the top of the table shock FC Fleury 91-Paris FC (to be followed on Canal+ Foot and on our Live Scores). At the beginning of June, the players of Sandrine Soubeyrand, victorious in the double match, had beaten those of Fabrice Abriel by seven points, taking third place. The program continues on Saturday with three matches including Dijon FCO – Bordeaux, a match on which we put the focus in the presentation with the interview of the coach of Girondin Patrice Lair. Closing on Sunday, after Le Havre-Guingamp, Olympique Lyonnais receives ASJ Soyaux Charente.

“A complex situation”

“The summer was complicated with the situation we know. It was not clear whether the club would continue or not. I had a sporting director who had taken over since November. His role was to manage departures, arrivals and preparing for the season. When I came back from vacation, I learned that he had been arrested before resigning. I was facing a complex situation with many departures, few arrivals, no training camp or friendly matches planned. We had to do it as soon as possible possible and get back on track. We hung on as much as we could.”

“14 departures and few arrivals”

“In the end, we recorded 14 departures (see picture), it starts to do a lot, and few have arrived: Justine Lerond, a good goalkeeper who will compete with Mylène Chavas, Hilary Diaz, a young player from FC Nantes who has never played in D1 and has just reached the next group. an injury, as well as Océane Daniel to bring back some athletic strength. That’s right, but I managed to integrate a lot of young players who have been loyal to the club. We succeeded in trying to reform a group. It was tough last Saturday against Le Havre (4-2), we had some success. So much the better because it allows us to take 3 points but it will be very tough this season. »

Captain Andrea Lardez (photo Pierre COSTABADIE / ICON SPORT).


Defenders Marion Haelewyn and Fiona Liaigre (17) and midfielder Maëlle Seguin (18) had their first place in D1 Arkema against Le Havre. Entered during the match, Amandine Herbert and Marie Dehri (19 years old) made their debut.


The classification of the Girondins de Bordeaux in D1 Arkema at the end of the last season.


The players left the club during the off-season, including many leaders such as Ève Perriset, Charlotte Bilbault, Inès Jaurena, Claire Lavogez or Katja Snoeijs.

“Rebuild this group and you have a slightly more structured club”

“Rebuild this group and we will be able to have a slightly more structured club in the near future. In terms of training, we would like to create a center but we will never have what we had two years ago in terms of the financial aspect with the “Americans who want to invest. We will no longer have this financial assistance. It is up to us to manage with the arrival of young people. The Aquitaine basin is well supplied, to be smart in recruitment, work and training, we can do something. I’m in contact with Jérôme Dauba from Pôle Espoirs and we work well together. There are a few youngsters who are 16 or 17 years old and who started last weekend. It’s definitely a game but to last the whole season, no it is not the same. We are going to hang on and try to progress, but we have to put in place a project in terms of training and skilled people to work well. With young people and two or three experienced players to supervise, can work. We need to put in place a policy d the women of a certain level to have at the same time this ambition to find this 3rd qualification place for the Champions League. This season, we don’t have the means, we are below what Fleury, Montpellier and Paris FC can do, who will play for this 3rd place. »

“The opening may have done well”

“I refreshed my mind since we were behind at the beginning of the game. We also had the support of the public, people maybe understood that we need to be supported. There was a good atmosphere. It may have surprised my young players on the field and, finally, the opening may have done well. It allowed us to play completely free. We scored, we showed good things but we were also put in difficulties. I remain very humbled by this victory. Now, we to get a result in Dijon on Saturday, which, unlike us, has recovered some players and already has an athletic strength superior to ours.”

Maëlle Garbino, here against Wolfsburg last season, scored twice against Le Havre last Saturday (4-2, photo Pierre COSTABADIE / ICON SPORT).

“Player advancement and a course in the Cup”

“It would be to have – as at the moment – a maximum of players who go to the youth selection U18 or U17. Since they play in D1 Arkema, we observe. My desire is to make them progress, that they become internationals and that we regain the ambition in the coming seasons thanks to what we will have achieved during this one. With a bit of luck, we will have an interesting trip to the Coupe de France to have the adrenaline in a competition. It will be complicated on the pitch, but in terms of the investment and the atmosphere, it’s great. If it wasn’t for the reaction of the players when they wanted me to leave last season, I wouldn’t have left but here, we wanted to be with them. We will go through difficult times but our solidarity will allow us to take points and progress. The state of mind is essential. That’s what we did well last weekend. You have to hang on, not cry and try to continue. »

“It’s a new gym”

“It is difficult because I have players who are at work, others at school, who cannot train or are not paid. We are trying to find the best sessions. This Wednesday, we do not have a morning session because some are in course, I pick them up in the afternoon to put them in place. The rhythm of the week? In general, we play on Saturday, we have cleaning on Sunday, let me have the girls. On Monday, I’m off. On Tuesday, I don’t have many people , on Wednesday afternoon, I took the school players so I managed to have the group for a harder session. On Thursday, it is quieter, we try to work on the recovery and on Friday, I will ask the establishments l ‘authorization so that the girls can be released. This is not always possible since some of them are in the last year, but the priority remains the school training. In Dijon for example, I cannot take some players because they have been in an international camp during the week and they have to go to class. It is a new exercise that is not easy, but I have to adapt if we do not want to experience relegation. »

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